It’s a far cry from the days of the horse and cart driven by senior partner Mike Turners mother, Dorothy, as she delivered milk to the residents of West Worthing in 1916.  She would drive around the streets and people would bring out their containers and she would then pour milk into the containers from the churns on her cart. Unfortunately she lost her job.She was driving too fast, hit the kerbside and the churns fell over spilling all the milk!

Fortunately for Mike, his mother’s was not the only farming influence he received as he grew up. His father Harry Turner was a tenant farmer at Easebourne, near Midhurst, where he produced the first Turners Milk for local schools in the early 1940s. It was delivered by his brother John, who was apparently more adept at driving a horse and cart than his mother.Mike then went to study at agricultural college before working his way up to be the overall livestock manager at the Edward James Foundation near Chichester. It was there that he took on a young farm student, Ray Spiers, who married Mike’s daughter Judy in 1975 (shrewd move but the work didn’t get any easier for him!). In 1980 they moved with their respective families to Kent where they became partners on a dairy farm and it was decided to start processing the farms milk which Mike’s wife Audrey packed. Howard Perolls was taken on as the delivery person, all five became partners and Turners Dairies was born. In 1985 they took over a small yoghourt business where Ray and Judy learnt the art of yoghourt making which was then passed onto Howard who became the production manager.  
At this time the company sold the milk round that they had built up. In 1987 they relocated back home to Sussex to their present site at Patching which is nestled in the beautiful South Downs, where the original partners have seen a steady growth in their business.heir commitment to detail and passion for the products that they produce have been rewarded with numerous awards at local, national and international events.
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