Pack sizes range from individual 85g portions through to bulk containers for caterers or specific sizes for the customers needs.

We have built our business on the principles of Quality, Reliability and Service at competitive prices. Over the years we have become a firm favourite and major supplier to airlines and their caterers, hospitals, schools, dairies and wholesalers with our award winning products

“We are committed to producing products that do not compromise on quality, appearance and taste, yet which still deliver great value”  

Infact we think our products are so good we even eat them ourselves!
Our Product Range
• Fresh Live Yoghurt, Low Fat - Natural - Fruit
• Greek Style Yoghurt
• Greek & Honey Yoghurt
• Crème Fraiche - Natural - Strawberry - Lemon - Savoury
• Fresh Live Fromage Frais - Natural - Fruit
• Coffee Creamer 12%
• Other creams - 18% - 42% - 48%
• Fruit Juice
• Milk Cuplets

At Turner’s Dairies we pack our products in a variety of weights and sizes to suit the customer’s individual needs, ranging from 85g individual pots to bulk catering packs.

We like to work with our customers and often develop special products for them from their own recipes to compliment a particular dish. This can save them time and money in the development kitchen.

“We are very much customer led and pride ourselves on listening to and acting on their individual needs”
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